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Conveyor Belts

Kalgoorlie Conveyors & Rubber stocks a wide range of CONTIFLEX® Conveyor Belts in a variety of sizes and specifications, with depots in Kalgoorlie WA, Perth WA, Dandenong VIC, Devonport TAS, and Newcastle NSW.

German engineered CONTIFLEX® textile conveyor belts fulfil a wide variety of transport tasks in all types of industry. In addition to a range of belts for normal bulk goods, various special types are available for conveying hot goods, for the transport of goods containing oil and grease, for steep-incline conveying and with special reinforcing materials for particular applications.

Kalgoorlie Conveyors & Rubber can also source other brands of belting to suit a particular application.

The CROWS FOOT WEAVE belting is our signature belt. Mainly used on tertiary crusher applications its comes with a cross ply construction for added durability.

Conveyor Belt Properties:

  • Robust
  • Constructed of high-strength polyester/polyamide plies
  • Extra strong for the most grueling demands
  • Low-stretch tension member enables short take-ups with high impact resistance and optimum bonding between the plies
  • Rot-proof
  • Good troughability
  • Ensures excellent operational reliability and durability even on small pulley diameters
  • Superb true-tracking properties
  • Long service life

Conveyor Belt Applications:

  • Mining industry
  • Steel and iron industry
  • Construction industry
  • Stones and earth
  • Gravel works
  • Cement industry
  • Port handling
  • Power stations

Commonly Stocked Conveyor Belt Sizes:

  • 600mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 750mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 900mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 1200mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 1500mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 25%0mm 3PLY 5/1.5 Covers
  • 600mm 4PLY 6/1.5 Covers
  • 750mm 4PLY 6/1.5 Covers
  • 900mm 4PLY 6/1.5 Covers
  • 1200mm 4PLY 6/1.5 Covers
  • 1500mm 4PLY 6/1.5 Covers
  • 900mm 4PLY 10/3 Covers
  • 1200mm 4PLY 10/3 Covers
  • 1050mm 3PLY 10/3 Covers (Crows Foot Weave)
  • 1200mm 3PLY 10/3 Covers (Crows Foot Weave)
  • 1500mm 3PLY 10/3 Covers (Crows Foot Weave)
  • 1200mm 4PLY 10/3 Covers (Crows Foot Weave)
  • 1600mm 4PLY 10/3 Covers (Crows Foot Weave)
Kalgoorlie Conveyors - Distributor for ContiTech

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Kalgoorlie Conveyors & Rubber - Distributor for ContiTech

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